The Montaigne Centre regularly organises conferences, lectures and seminars. It participates in a number of research projects. Below you will find an overview of the projects in which the Montaigne Centre is currently involved.


Civil Procedure and Operations Management: CaseFlowManagement net.

Timeliness of civil procedures in many EU Member states is still deemed problematic. Where is the speediness of civil procedures up to standards? Which are […]

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Procedural justice

The Procedural Justice project is a cooperation between researchers of the Montaigne Centre and external researchers. The central question of this project is how different […]

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Behaviour of the civil judges in court sessions

What do civil judges believe they are supposed to do in court sessions nowadays, and more specifically, what do they do when aiming for a […]

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Coherence of law

In the Coherence of Law project, on the one hand attention is given to coherence of law on the national level, where the focus will […]

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Decision making and disputes following from this decision making in administrative law

In this research, three acceleration instruments of the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Awb) have been evaluated. It concerns the penalty payment for failure to […]

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Innovating Courts of Appeal

In the Innovating Courts of Appeal project, the Montaigne Centre cooperated with the Judiciary to produce the Agenda for Appeal Law 2020. Process innovation, guiding […]

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