Methodology Sessions

Every three months the Montaigne Centre organizes a methodology session. During these sessions a researcher of the Montaigne Centre presents a specific methodological approach that can be used in judicial research. The Montaigne Centre strives to provide a forum to researchers –from both the Montaigne Centre, as from other institutes – where different types of methodological methods in judicial research can be discussed. Marc Simon Thomas, postdoc at the Montaigne Centre, discussed his ideas on “Methodology of legal anthropological research”. He discussed the different methodologies used in his PhD research: starting with his research proposal, via research techniques such as participant observation, interviews, and archival research, to his final writings.
Miranda Boone explained the use of vignettes in comparative research, based on her experiences of a pilot study on breaching processes in twelve countries. The vignette methodology proved to be particularly useful in giving insight into the procedures involved in the decision making process.


Overview of previous Montaigne Methodology Sessions:

19th of June 2015 – Marc Simon Thomas: ‘Methodology of legal anthropological research’
25th of September 2015 – Miranda Boone: ‘Using vignettes in qualitative research’’

13th of January 2016 – Kees van den Bos: ‘Radicalism, consolidating empirical research with normative viewpoints’.

14th of April 2016 – René Brouwer: ‘The Legal Method of Studying Roman law’

The planning for upcoming Montaigne Methodology Sessions:

15th  of June 2017 – Montaigne mini-symposium: A bottom-up approach to Human Rights